Hello! My name is Cherie Cheezcake, and you have stumbled across my blog. I am a part-time burlesque dancer, a part-time blogger, and a full-time crafty person. You can gander at my creations in my Naked Nerdy Shop or check out my merch shop. Along with burlesque, I also have a podcast called Pop A Pastie Podcast that I try to record weekly. My favorite things to nerd out about are the 90s, horror films, Halloween, Christmas, and burlesque. My favorite movie and book is The Shining. As far as burlesque goes, I have been bumpin’ and grindin’ since 2011 and I was named “A Sweet Bite of Burly-Q Delight!” by Bre Von BuxXxom, formerly of the famed Diamond Dames. I am also the sole founder of Blues City Burlesque, a Memphis burlesque production team. You can email me or check out my burlesque website for more information.